Organic Acid in Serum LC-MS/MS Analysis Kit

Human urine is a complex biofluid of diverse small polar metabolites such as organic acids. Organic acidurias are inborn errors of metabolism given rise to by defections of inherited enzymes which lead to accumulation excess amounts of normal organic acids in human urine. For this reason qualitative and quantitative analyses of urinary organic acids are prominent diagnostic tools for the interpretation of metabolite profile that reflects inherited metabolic disorders.

“Jasem-Organic Acids” method overcomes abovementioned drawbacks by using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Jasem method ensures quantification of 54 organic acids by absence of derivatization simplified sample preperation to diluting. Jasem offers two panels achieving sufficient chromatographic separation for crucial isomers by LC-MS/MS.

  • Highlights

    12 minutes run for each panel (Total analysis time 24 minutes-Panel 1&2).

    Analysis of 54 organic acids without derivatization.

    Quick and easy sample preparation; just dilution!

    Successful chromatographic separation of isomers.

    Consuming small volume of patient’s sample.
  • Parameters

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Sample Preparation

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  • 2-Methyl citrate, 2-OH-Phenylacetic acid, 2-OH-Butyric acid, 2-Oxoadipic acid, 3-Methylglutaconic acid, 3-OH-2-Methylbutanoic acid, 3-OH-3-Methylglutaric acid, 3-OH-Butyric acid, 3-OH-Isobutyrate, 3-Phenyllactic acid, 4-OH-Phenylacetic acid, Fumaric acid, Glycolic acid, Hexanoylglycine, Homogentisic acid, Malic acid, Malonic acid, N-(3-phenyl propionyl) glycine, N-Acetylaspartic acid, N-Acetyltyrosine, N-isovaleryl glycine, Oxoproline, 4-OH-Phenyl lactic acid, Propionylglycine, Sebacic acid, Suberic acid, Suberylglycine, Succinylacetone, 2-OH-Glutaric acid, 2-OH-3-Methylpentanoic acid, 2-OH-Isocaproic acid, 2-OH-Isovaleric acid, 3-OH-Glutaric acid, 3-OH-Propanoic acid, 3-Methylcrotonyl glycine, 3-Methylglutaric acid, 3-Methyl-2-oxovaleric acid, 3-OH-Isovaleric acid, 3-OH-pentanoic acid, 4-Methyl-2-oxovaleric acid, 4-OH-Phenylpyruvic acid, Adipic acid, Alpha-Ketoglutaric acid, Citric acid, Ethylmalonic acid, Glutaconic acid, Glutaric acid, Lactic acid, Methylmalonic acid, Orotic acid, Phenylpyruvic acid, Pyruvic acid, Succinic acid, Tiglylglycine
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