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Vitamin A&E in Serum/Plasma LC-MS/MS Analysis Kit

Vitamin A helps with healthy mucous membranes, skin, vision, tooth and bone growth, health of the immune system. Vitamin A in the plasma or serum is a reflection of the quantities of vitamin A and carotene ingested and absorbed by the intestine. Vitamin A plays an essential role in the function of the retina (adaptation to dim light), is necessary for growth and differentiation of epithelial tissue, and is required for growth of bone, reproduction, and embryonic development.

Vitamin E helps to protect the cell walls. Vitamin E contributes to the normal maintenance of biomembranes, the vascular system, and the nervous systems; and provides antioxidant protection for vitamin A. Deficiency of vitamin E in children leads to reversible motor and sensory neuropathies; this problem also has been suspected in adults.

  • Highlights

    Analysis of vitamin A and E in one injection

    Simple sample preparation without SPE or evaporation

    6.0 minutes analysis time.
  • Parameters

    Vitamin A and E
  • Matrix

    Serum, Plasma

Sample Preparation

  • Step 1
    Take 200 μl serum & plasma sample into a centrifuge tube
  • Step 2
    Add 25μl of Internal std and 100 μl Reagent-1 then vortex for 5 seconds
  • Step 3
    Add 975 μl of Reagent-2 and vortex for 15 seconds. Then, centrifuge at 10000-12000 rpm for 5 minutes.
  • Step 4
    Decant the clear supernatant into HPLC vial.
  • Chromatogram


    Analytes LOQ Agilent 6470  Accuracy  Repeatability Linearity
    (µg/L) Agilent 6470 Agilent 6470 Agilent 6470
      (%) (%RSD) (R2)
    Vitamin A 0.11 98,4 1,22 0.999
    Vitamin E 0.17 99,2 1,3 0.998
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