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Combination of Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography (LC-MS/MS, GC-MS)
The Out of Box Product Provides Dual Power for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories and Food Testing Laboratories

Jasem® develops and manufactures “ready-to-use” kits for clinical analysis and food safety & quality analysis centred on HPLC & GC coupling with mass spectrometer.

Jasem® serves validated biochemical diagnostic kits to measure and monitor simultaneously the levels of certain biomarkers in biofluids for routine and/or research purposes. In this context, chromatography & mass spectrometry-based analytical products used for the diagnosis, confirmation and follow-up of metabolic disorders are included in our portfolio. In addition, our comprehensive analysis kits to be used in monitoring therapeutic drugs and vitamin status are also at your service. Further, we respond to sectoral demands with the analytical products that we have developed for food safety and quality.

The most striking common features of our analytical solutions are that they provide economical, reliable, reproducible, and quick sample preparation protocols. Thus, products with less operational error probability and more cost-effectiveness were brought to the market. Thanks to our optimized methodologies, analytical column life is extended compared to competitors, thereby prolonging the life cycle of costly kit item. Product applications made independent of the brand and model of the instrument in the customer’s laboratory bring on-site training and remote support benefits.

We are taking firm steps towards the future by following current scientific developments, evaluating new biomarkers/biomarker candidates, developing original analytical products that will meet national/international analysis needs, and researching collaborations with universities.

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