Adapting diagnostics in chromatography coupled mass spectrometry

Jasem serves customers ready-to-use diagnostic kits for clinical analysis based on HPLC and mass spectrometry. Providing innovative trustworthy and accurate results constitutes the core viewpoint of us. Hence, our straightforward and economic solutions are being used extensively in clinical and food laboratories

Our Experience

JASEM Laboratory Systems and Solutions A.S. was founded beginning of 2013 in Istanbul by SEM Laboratories based on extensive know how of 25 years in GC & LC chromatography.

  • We provide quality-oriented service with our 108 experienced engineers
  • We support customers by installation and application on site with our 15 application engineers

Foundation purpose is clinical and food analysis kit development ;

  • Simple and practical sample preparation
  • Short analysis time
  • Reliable and sensitive analysis
  • Low analysis cost (without derivatization, SPE or concentration)
  • Longer column life-time

*All kits were developed with the Agilent Triple Quad MS 6460 platform.

Jasem® is selling direct to specialized Food & Clinical/Diagnostic Laboratories in defined territories and indirect in other regions via Agents and authorized Channel Partners

Focus point of Jasem®’s product development, patents and marketing strategy is to make existing sample preparation (the continuous bottleneck of almost all analysis) much easier, if possible automated and highly cost effective.

SEM Laboratories


Sem Laboratuar Cihazları was established in 1989 and headquartered  in Istanbul.

SEM is the sole authorized provider of the Agilent chromatography and spectroscopy systems to Turkish market since 1989.  Also complementary devices, Agilent VAR solutions and after sales support serving by SEM with  “Full Service” insight.
SEM has branch offices in Ankara and Izmir and wide subdealers network throughout Turkey.


As mentioned earlier, SEM exist over 26 years. Experiences of technical and sales personnel employed are even much longer than this period. Again as mentioned before all the staff in sales and technical services have been trained for every detail in the originator countries like USA, Germany, England, Denmark, Canada, Japan and Switzerland.
Sem Lab has numerous national and global qualification certificates (such as ISO 9001) and company’s financial & accounting structure is well established and legally audited & approved every year.


  • Increasing quality and speed of services given in sales and support of laboratory instruments and consumables, thus providing utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing mutual trust between parties, thus providing long and sustainable benefit together.
  • Providing training and R&D services in laboratory instruments sector.
  • Serving the community to increase quality of life.
  • Contributing to our workers for self-improvement in cultural, personal and career aspects.

Value  Creation

Create value for our innovative work and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level

Our Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovativeness
  • Equality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Human and Environmental Consciousness



Contact Us

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